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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

The great astrology experiment is still going strong, but I’ve decided to remove those flash cards from the pictures just because they seem to throw off the balance of the thing. Just in case anybody was wondering where they went. Now back to our regularly scheduled deskhenge…

The “See the Other Person’s Point of View” card has been coming up a lot lately, so I’m given to believe that that’s something I need to work on, or something I need to keep in mind going through my day. What’s it like to be in the other person’s shoes? What’s their reality? What do they see when they open their eyes in the morning? And the Princess/Page of Cups brings to that question a sense of emotional rawness, that power that comes from a new emotion, like when I was a kid and hadn’t yet learned to control my reactions to things. When a favorite toy broke or became lost, it felt like the end of the world because I had no experience with Toys R Us, no way of knowing that that broken toy could relatively easily be replaced. There was only a wave of anger, pain, and frustration that seemed maybe even bigger than me. As I got older, I learned to temper my temper, to moderate my emotions and responses because I wasn’t the only one who ever had gone through the loss of a toy. I learned that such events WEREN’T the end of the world, and that maybe I could put some focus on others who have less to lose than I do. This is the way of things as we grow up, or so I’m told. 😉 Now, perhaps you’ve heard that in a few hours, we’ll be going through the first eclipse of three in a row this June. I’ve done a little reading on the subject, and apparently eclipses are great times of starting over, of new ways of doing things, of sudden changes (in the TV show “Heroes,” all the heretofore normal people received their superpowers during an eclipse). Having three in a row emphasizes these changes, reiterates them, seals them in (so to speak). The advice running around is to be clear on what you want, create your intentions and manifestations with purpose and clarity, and put the power of faith behind them. This sounds like good advice, so I will not challenge it. Besides, who am I to challenge common sense? The only thing I’d add to this common sense advice is this: pay attention as much as possible during this month. I confess, I’m often a “distracted driver,” but not right now. Put the phone down. Don’t text and drive. Watch where you’re going. Watch what comes into your world. Pay attention to new people you meet. Examine new feelings and new ideas, and take nothing for granted right now.


Author: musesdarling

I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

One thought on “Wednesday, June 1, 2011

  1. Such good advice, Karen, and so timely! I’ve just been whining about the creative rut I’ve been in the last few weeks, and how I can’t seem to get over it. The funny thing is, I sat down to do my daily drawing today and was going to do a lunar eclipse. I kept hearing “Eclipse” as the title of the piece. But I changed my mind at the last minute, erased it and started over. What came out was forced and lacked the “spark.” I will most certainly pay more attention this month, and be ready for new beginnings.

    And my new superpowers, of course. 🙂

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