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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

I’ve never understood entirely why the three of Swords is so often associated with heartbreak and sorrow. Depending on the deck you use, the imagery is usually something graphic and awful involving getting stabbed through the heart, or getting stabbed in the brain and the sword just runs all the way down from the top of the person’s head through the heart. I know. Lovely, right? But it gets the point across: this card is about trouble, or pain, or sacrifice, or loss, or any other emotional state of being that can be associated with a knife through the heart. But let’s consider it a little more closely, gentle reader. Three is a powerful spiritual number with great significance in religions and belief systems all over the place. I tend to associate the number three with great wisdom (e.g., the Ascended Masters, the whole Catholic Trinity concept, the three stages of mankind), and I also see it as a number of great energy, like it’s the explosive potential between the balanced stages represented by “two” and “four.” “Two” is not big enough to contain it, and “four” is too balanced and steady to allow the energy to really be itself. So maybe this “three,” being about ways of thinking, contains so much grief and pain because it has moved on from the “two.” The “two” is no longer enough, and our friend the “three” has had to leave the “two” behind. If you are suffering from the pain of moving on, be comforted. This is the message of Lady Nada, with whom I haven’t personally worked but I hear she’s like the female Jesus and is very compassionate and nurturing in her loving silence and acceptance. Her association with Universal Mother is very apt here, because honestly, who better to apply salve to the wounds sustained by our poor human broken hearts than the Great Mother?

The moon, our watery, emotional satellite, is in the seventh house today. This house is all about relationships, union, sexuality, intimacy, connection, etc., and Taurus is very stubborn and grounded among all the Earth signs. Maybe this is not the best time to rock the relationship boat. If that boat is already rocking, consider what your energy/life force is yearning towards. What foundation is being built right now that will be blessed and strengthened by your tears?


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I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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