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Friday, May 20, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

I’ve been noticing synchronicities, coincidences (which I don’t believe in, and which I believe are simply Deity’s way of smacking us upside the head), and weird correlations A LOT lately. I’ll be listening to the radio to a commercial for Goodwill and will pass a Goodwill truck on the road five seconds later. I’ll be watching a television show about a 1965 Honda auto, and the next day will pass a very very old Honda on the road. I’m seeing the number 5 EVERYWHERE. I’m seeing the number 3 EVERYWHERE. And I’ve been asking myself, Hey, Self, what’s the what here? What’s up with all this connection? Am I just being hyper-notice-y? Am I making it all up? But this morning I’ve been wondering, especially seeing all the love, joy, and especially magical *hope* in today’s Daily Deskhenge, if there is some sort of cosmic response happening to all the recent fear-mongering about death and the end of the world. Could the Universe be telling us all to just relax and calm down? I know I’ve been anxious these last weeks, more so than usual (I’m ordinarily kind of a hyper-sensitive, high-strung type). I’ve come to read The Star card as being a great signifier of hope and the existence of magic all around me, of treasures that I have to see differently in order to find, and of that Sacred Innocence that William Blake tells us *only* comes through experience. Respond to fear with joy. Respond to death-mongers with hope and wonder, and let the negativity be cleared away from you. Protect yourself, yes: gather your sacred beings around you, your angels, your teachers and guides, and your Helpful Ancestors (not the unhelpful kind, the ghosts), and believe fiercely in the goodness of people. Dare to hope for better things.

What do you find hope in? What are you seeing over and over again that you are dismissing as “coincidence,” or just as something that’s easily explanable by modern science, but that couldn’t possibly be magic? Or the Divine?


Author: musesdarling

I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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