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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

There is so much here about warmth and nurturing, it’s almost overwhelming. The sun imagery, the root-chakra colors (red, okra, rust), and of course the Empress up top with a baby at her breast. There is “home” here, the idea that you/I/we need to be rooting ourselves in our home places, finding our own best ways of nurturing our creativity and finding ways to satisfy our needs. Taking care of yourself is not only a right and just thing to do, it’s also pretty much *essential*, because who else is going to do it if we don’t? As much as it would be wonderful to have an All-Mother with us all the time, someone outside ourselves right there ready and waiting with a bandaid and the chocolate-chip cookies every time we crash and burn, the truth (for today) is that that the All-Mother lives inside each of us already. And frankly, wouldn’t it be kind of obnoxious to have an actual physical Mother-type person looking over your shoulder all the time?

We’re called on to be our own best nurturer, even if we never received that kind of nurturing from our own biological or otherwise physical mothers. It’s simple (if not exactly easy): soften that voice of anger and judgment. Go inside to find your best way to peace and quiet. Root yourself firmly in exactly where you are right now. Every time you hear yourself saying something mean to yourself, calling yourself “stupid” or “fat” or “dumbass” (ask me how long it took me to come up with those three mean names… less than a microsecond because I call myself those names all the time), stop. Just stop. Take a deep breath, then start over. Tell yourself: “I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.” “I’m blessed and lucky.” “I give love, I receive love, I am love.” Don’t worry if you don’t believe it just yet. You will. And before you start giving yourself too much shit about not being able to let go of the negativity, consider how far along you’ve come compared to your ancestors, how much more work you’ve been able to accomplish with regard to your spiritual, emotional growth than they were able to (because they were too busy fighting the revolution or beating back the locusts or planting the crops or what have you). You, we, have the luxury of self-exploration in this day and age, so take advantage of it. Nicely.

I also think it’s really cool that the Buddha showed up today. Today (May 17th) the Buddha’s birth is celebrated, as is his achieving enlightenment *and* his entrance into Nirvana. 🙂


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